5 Long-term benefits of investing in London property for Hong Kong buyers

The UK’s property market has long been renowned worldwide for its stability and impressive growth potential. It has become an increasingly attractive destination for international investors seeking both security and substantial returns. Among these investors, Hong Kong buyers have shown a growing interest in London’s property market. In this blog, we will explore the top …

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Rent or residence? Cracking the code to London living

For most Hong Kong investors, London’s vibrant streets and thriving business districts beckon with the promise of a fulfilling and rewarding life. However, navigating the intricate world of London real estate can sometimes seem daunting, especially when faced with the crucial decision: rent or buy? Benham and Reeves Hong Kong SAR is here to guide …

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Exploring luxury London property as a Hong Kong resident

To help our Hong Kong-based property buyers, we at Benham and Reeves have compiled a list of considerations & factors to take into account, ensuring a well-informed and successful journey while venturing into London’s luxury property market.

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Understanding the legal landscape for landlords in the London property market

As a landlord in the captivating London property market, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape that governs this dynamic real estate realm. London offers an exciting landscape for investment and rental opportunities, from the luxurious allure of prestigious areas to the diverse property types.

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Four myths about buying property in the UK

Benham & Reeves’ sales manager Meena was invited to participate on the Sam Sam Channel (理財急症室) to talk about four often asked questions regarding buying property in the UK and to offer some things to think about when buying properties abroad.

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Finding the best place to live in London for Hong Kongers

In this article, we explore a few different areas in London that are well established with easy transport links to the London city centre. Since 2019, many families from Hong Kong have emigrated to the UK. The UK government launched the BNO visa scheme on 31 Jan 2021. The visa is valid for 5 years …

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A model for 21st-century growth is the Elizabeth line

The much-touted Elizabeth line (also known as Crossrail) places an already world-class transportation system firmly at the heart of a growth blueprint that extends into the twenty-first century and beyond. The Crossrail project much exceeds anything that has come before it on the London Tube network in terms of impact and scope. It serves as …

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Step by step UK property investment guide

Buying property is a big life milestone, but going through the buying process can be overwhelming for buyers. A better understanding of the following end-to-end steps to buying a UK property can surely help you through the journey. Step 1: Appoint a licensed agency We always recommend oversea investors appoint a licensed real estate agency. …

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An investment guide to invest in Manchester

Manchester is located in the north-west of England which has an exceptional rail connectivity to the rest of UK, an international airport serving 200 destinations worldwide, home to one of UK’s top universities and Trafford Centre the largest shopping complex in Europe, plus an array of events that takes place throughout the year, no wonder …

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