How to choose a green, eco-friendly property in London?

In recent years, new property buyers have begun to discover the long-term benefits and savings provided by the latest energy-efficient features of new property developments across the UK capital. This shift towards eco-friendly living is driven by an increased awareness of environmental issues and the financial advantages of sustainable properties. According to a recent report …

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Welcome to Harcourt Gardens: South Quay Plaza’s latest phase in Canary Wharf

London property buyers in Hong Kong now have the opportunity to own prime real estate in the UK Capital’s thriving business district of the east, Canary Wharf. With the launch of the second phase of its landmark property development, Berkeley Group, along with Benham & Reeves, welcomes potential buyers to the South Quay Plaza Exhibition …

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London Square Earlsfield: Where growth meets greenery and more in South West London

Nestled in the vibrant heart of one of Southwest London’s greenest boroughs, Earlsfield stands out as a community-centric neighbourhood, appealing to residents and property investors with its promising prospects. Over the past decade, three or more-bedroom houses in this sought-after residential enclave have exhibited a notable 3.2% CAGR, while other property types have also surpassed …

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Benefits of Buying London Property for Buy-to-Let Investors in Hong Kong

The attraction of Hong Kongers towards the UK and its capital isn’t a new love affair. Investors from Asia’s World City make up the most valuable portfolio of overseas homeowners across England and Wales. With total investments worth nearly £11bn, Hong Kongers own more than a 13% chunk of the total foreign investments in the …

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Powerhouse: Riverfront living with a legacy of over 100 years in central London

Standing tall in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is a brand-new residential development, carrying with it a legacy of over 100 years. From being a symbol of London’s industrial might that powered the city’s railway and Tube network to a beacon of luxury living by the River Thames, Lots Road Power Station has …

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Essential tips for first-time landlords in the UK

The allure of the UK property market has long captivated investors worldwide and Hong Kong residents are no exception. In a recent report, a staggering £10.8 billion of British property now rests in the hands of Hong Kong owners, highlighting a significant surge in interest from the region. Several factors contribute to this phenomenon: The …

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5 Long-term benefits of investing in London property for Hong Kong buyers

The UK’s property market has long been renowned worldwide for its stability and impressive growth potential. It has become an increasingly attractive destination for international investors seeking both security and substantial returns. Among these investors, Hong Kong buyers have shown a growing interest in London’s property market. In this blog, we will explore the top …

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Rent or residence? Cracking the code to London living

For most Hong Kong investors, London’s vibrant streets and thriving business districts beckon with the promise of a fulfilling and rewarding life. However, navigating the intricate world of London real estate can sometimes seem daunting, especially when faced with the crucial decision: rent or buy? Benham and Reeves Hong Kong SAR is here to guide …

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What international students want from a rental: A guide for landlords

Hong Kong investors possess the most valuable property portfolio across England and Wales, with an estimated worth of £10.8 billion, as reported by Benham and Reeves. This staggering figure speaks volumes about the investment prowess of this elite group. International students are a treasure trove for Hong Kong landlords owning real estate in London. These …

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London’s top 5 new developments for Hong Kong investors

Property investors from Hong Kong and Singapore have been showing strong interest in the UK market in 2023, with parts of London remaining firm favourites. Hong Kong investors now own 24,759 homes in England and Wales, valued at £10.8 billion, while Singapore investors own 15,725 homes valued at £7.2 billion. According to the latest research …

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The Importance of location before buying property in London for Hongkongers

London’s real estate market has become a highly sought-after destination for discerning Hong Kong investors, especially when securing prime properties abroad. Recent research by Benham and Reeves sheds light on Hong Kong buyers’ significant influence in the English and Welsh residential property market. This extensive study found that out of the 50 most prominently represented …

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The impact of crossrail on London’s property market: A transformational journey

The Crossrail project, also known as the Elizabeth Line, is rapidly transforming transportation in London. This railway line, stretching from Reading and Heathrow to Shenfield and Abbey Wood, has reduced journey times, alleviated crowding on existing networks and expanded journey options for commuters. It also plays a vital role in connecting key areas of the …

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