Essential tips for first-time landlords in the UK

The allure of the UK property market has long captivated investors worldwide and Hong Kong residents are no exception. In a recent report, a staggering £10.8 billion of British property now rests in the hands of Hong Kong owners, highlighting a significant surge in interest from the region. Several factors contribute to this phenomenon: The …

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What international students want from a rental: A guide for landlords

Hong Kong investors possess the most valuable property portfolio across England and Wales, with an estimated worth of £10.8 billion, as reported by Benham and Reeves. This staggering figure speaks volumes about the investment prowess of this elite group. International students are a treasure trove for Hong Kong landlords owning real estate in London. These …

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How landlords can expertly maintain London rental property from Hong Kong

Owning rental properties in the vibrant city of London while residing in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong offers a unique opportunity for international real estate investment. However, managing international properties presents distinctive challenges that require careful consideration and practical solutions.

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UK landlord guide

The United Kingdom is most likely already on your list of “Areas to Invest in.” The United Kingdom is a good destination for property investment since home prices are growing in many cities, communities are being transformed by significant improvements, and regeneration initiatives are projected to increase general economic growth. Before starting to curate your …

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